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Customized Temperature label
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 ※Features: The customized label or combination can be created to suit varying applications with different dimensions and temperature combinations to the standard products.

 ※products employing reversible labels are not Rohs compliant

Element: specify color-change temperature, after-change color, and dimensions

Base: For combination temperature labels, specify the discoloration temperature (reversible) and size.

Size:Please specify the size of the base part more than 3 times the size of the temperature element 40°C to 105°C.


■Customized temperature label


●Large label for monitoring from a distance

LI-70 (Element: dia20mm, base: 60mmX60mm)

Element: 70color-change (white->red)

ㆍbase: no color-change(white)



●Dual wanring and danger label

LI-7090 (Element: dia5mm, base 20mmx15mm)

Element: 70color-change (white->blue)

           90color-change (white->red)




■Customized combination temperature label

●single base temperature label

A-70-7 (Element: 12mmX3mm, base: 30mmX12mm)

Element: 70color-change (white->red-orange)

ㆍbase:70 (red->Darkbrown puple)

※color for the base color change cannot be customized