Cauions of Use​

Temperature label, Thermo Tape, Thermo Sheet and Thermo Wappen

Characteristics and usage methods of products presented in this catalog vary from type to type.
To ensure proper use, please read carefully beforehand the cautions in this section and
cautions given with product descriptions, as well as usage instructions provided with the product.
Please direct any questions to Samkwang corporation.

Color Changes

  • In this catalog, color-change temperature and color-change accuracy refer to the temperature and degree
    of accuracy at completion of a color change after heating from room temperature at a rate
    of between 2 and 3°C/min under normal pressure.
  • The actual color-change temperature may differ under particular heating conditions.
  • Reversible temperature indicating materials that change color at 50°C (low-temperature color: yellow)
    may change to an ocher color if exposed to direct sunlight.
    This is a temporary phenomenon and the color will lighten over time. Temperature detection capability will not be affected.
  • Reversible temperature indicating materials change color with an accuracy of ±2°C when the temperature is increasing.
    However, when the temperature decreases, causing a change from the high-temperature color to the low-temperature color,
    the color change will occur at around 15°C below the temperature given in the catalog due to hysteresis.
  • Temperature-indicating pigment of reversible temperature indicating materials may react to Bakelite surfaces,
    resulting in an inaccurate color change.
  • The performance of irreversible temperature labels which change color at 130°C or hotter may be affected if exposed to
    high temperatures for more than 1 hour.
  • The temperature-indicating element of irreversible temperature labels may show slight coloration even before the
    temperature increases, but performance will not be affected and it will be obvious when the color change
    at the specified temperature.

Affixing Labels

  • Make sure to clear the surface of all water, oil, rust, dust and dirt. Dirty or uneven surfaces could result in the label falling off
    or an inaccurate color change.
  • To affix the label, peel off the release liner and apply the label to the surface on which the temperature is to be measured,
    gently pressing down on it with your finger or a cloth.
  • Avoid strong rubbing, which may scratch the label or cause other damage affecting the ability of the product to
    indicate temperature properly.
  • Where possible, affix the label to a flat surface as curved surfaces and corners could lead to an inaccurate color change.
  • Do not alter the shape of a label. Modifying a label, for example by cutting it with a utility knife,
    may affect the label’s durability or lead to an inaccurate color change. (This does not apply to Thermo Tape.

Usage and Storage Environments

  • Do not use products in high-pressure or high-vacuum environments, or in microwave ovens or
    other induction heating applications, as it could lead to an inaccurate color change.
  • Store in a cool dark place prior to use. Products specified as requiring cold strage should be kept refrigerated.
  • • Products specified for indoor applications should be used indoors. Using these products in conditions where they are
    exposed to the effects of substances such as water, oil, solvents and plasticizers (e.g. through surface adhesion,
    > soaking from underneath, or in atmospheres consisting of such substances) may lead to an inaccurate color change.
  • Samkwang corporation will not accept any liability for damages incurred as a result of using the product or
    applying measurements given by the products.

Period of Effectiveness of Temperature Indicating Materials

Product Type Indoor
Temperature LI,3E,4E,5E,8E,F 5 years 3 years
Temperature label Super mini NO,1K,3K,3R,5S,VL 3years Not suiable
Combination label A, TB 5years 3years
Product Type Indoor
Thermo Tape™ TR 5years 3years
Thermo Sheet™ P·C 5years 3years
Number Thermo Wappen™ WR 5years 3years

Structure(Temperature label LI-8E)

Product features

Reversible Changes color when a certain temperature is reached then changes back
when the temperature drops. Can be used repeatedly.
For checking the current temperature
Irreversible • Changes color when a certain temperature is reached, but does not change back even
if the temperature drops.
• Changes color when UV intensity increases, but does not change back even in dark places.
• Changes color due to moisture from dew, but does not change back even if dry.
For checking temperature history
For detecting
For checking for dew


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